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What's this Common Goal business anyway?


Every time you hire us, you help us help people who help people.

What? Sound complicated? It’s not.

We determined long ago that small non-profits need exposure more than they need us to stuff envelopes. When you’re on a zero-to-tight budget, marketing always comes last. So, we decided to focus our efforts on helping people and organisations that contribute to their communities by offering free or heavily discounted services to them.

What does that even mean? In 2019, we banked 700+ hours of services to non-profits in the US and the UK. That’s basically 2 days a week. With a mix of business development, branding, fundraising strategy and full-on marketing and media, we helped a wide variety of small organisations continue to do amazing things for people in need. By working with them to develop clearer identities, hone their message and develop a bolder digital presence, we helped non-profits better position themselves to confidently raise funds and grow.

But more than that...

We help each other as a group. We're a happy bunch of creatives who gladly help each other grow, learn, and achieve our personal and professional goals.

There’s a clear trend for agencies to present themselves as “purpose-driven” or “companies for a cause” and we obviously love it, but too often we've found that this is marketing lip-service. At CGC we walk the walk and we're committed to our model as a priority, not some promotional afterthought. 

Creative that matters. I'm excited about our growing collective and I love that we end each day feeling pretty good about what we’ve done together. So if you're a creative and you like this idea, let us know and we'll be happy to throw work your way!

There is a way to make money and help people. We believe we can do both. To learn more about who we’ve helped or how you can contribute, give us a call and we’ll be glad to tell you all about it! You can also read more here: LA/ #jobsthatmatter #cooljobs #nonprofit #fundraising #donate #marketing #businessmodel #socialmedia #digitalmarketing #businessplan #marketingplan #bethegood #commongoal


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