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Please help us understand your project by completing our ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE.

After reviewing your initial request and completed client questionnaire, we will schedule a 15 minute free consultation with you. 
We will together determine the scope of your project, budget and a delivery timeline. 

Once we've agreed to work together, a formal written proposal can be prepared if needed but we can skip straight to the contract.

A simple, easy to read contract outlining the details of our agreement will be sent for your signature by email. 

Once we receive your signed contract, we will send you an electronic invoice for a deposit. Your project launches once we receive your deposit.
Please note we may already be booked for your preferred dates. We book you in only once we've received a signed contract and deposit.

You will provide us with all materials needed to start production. This includes logos, fonts, content, photos, social media links, relevant user names and passwords. If you need us to assemble content for you, we offer copywriting and proofreading services at £50/$65 an hour (technical content is extra). We also offer complete logo and graphic design services if required. The design process starts only once we've received all your content.

The first draft will be a rough mock-up of your site structure, layout, and will offer a general direction. We will schedule a 20 minute Zoom call to look at all elements of your first draft together so you can provide detailed guidance. 

This stage involves honing in on the final design and incorporating all your visual and text content. We will schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to navigate the site with you and receive your final instructions.

Our agreement includes two rounds of revisions.  This means variations to an in-progress design concept. Any new direction or change in project scope will incur additional charges.

We will send you an electronic approval form to quickly sign-off on the final desktop and mobile drafts.

We will send you a final invoice for the project balance and any additional work you commissioned during production. Final balances for website projects going longer than their original delivery date will be due in full on day 45. This ensures we receive the elements we need to stay on schedule. We usually have projects booked 2 months in advance and we must respect our other commitments.

There are various scenarios to connect your website. Clients often ask us what's what and how this works.
Domain: Your .com or site address
Hosting: Where your site is stored on the internet (we use Wix hosting only)
Domain and Hosting fees are billed separately and due prior to site publication.

Once your website is live, you will need to pay for your domain and hosting every year. 
We include domain and hosting services on their own or within our monthly maintenance packages.

We offer a variety of monthly packages for ongoing site maintenance and content updates.

We offer a variety of marketing, branding and social media management services. 

We offer 15 minute free consultations for all new enquiries. 


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