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The vanity of the office

If the pandemic taught everyone just one thing freelancers have known for a very long time it's that almost no one needs an office.

Obviously this opinion doesn't apply to businesses offering products or services directly to consumers. Companies have been telling us for years that working from home is impractical - impossible even. They've dismissed people with different needs and flat out refused remote work stating that it just couldn't be done, it wasn't profitable, it wasn't secure, no one could be trusted to get the job done. Just no - until the pandemic and then all of sudden everyone could work from home starting immediately. Imagine that... Skip a year. We all got it done and in the middle of a global crisis to boot. Now it's time to "go back to work" they say, like we've been sitting at home eating bonbons, and the corporate lobby is laying it on thick with reports that people miss the office, they're suffering at home, business has declined.

The truth is that for small businesses and solo professionals, working from home is amazing and an office is for the most part an unnecessary exercise in vanity.

Sure we all want a cool office to validate our business. Obviously we want to own a joint and hear the buzz of phones and typewriters like it's 1967 Mad Men, but the reality is that's just not how small businesses and consultancies communicate or operate anymore.

If only from a financial perspective, how many clients or sales do you need to pay commercial rent and rates before you even start? CGC would need to bill at least 300 more hours a year just to cover an office. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather charge less, pay the team a fair rate and rent space as I go for meetings and events. Cost-effective, sound business and a healthier work-life balance.

Some say "but the exposure!". Unless you're renting a High Street space, you're not really getting anything out of your address. You can easily rent a virtual and registered address for £25 a month. If you want exposure, spend your rent money on marketing, social media, promotional materials, an extra person even. Can you imagine the impact of spending that much on promoting your business every...single...month!?!

We've helped a lot of businesses, consultants and other professional services get their businesses launched in the last year and as things reopen, many are wondering if they should be looking at commercial space. Our answer is unless you're selling goods or services directly to consumers - no.

Top reasons to work from home

* no commercial rent or fees

* no commute * get everything done in half the time

* better rates to your clients

* marketing budget (or higher net income)

* way better coffee

* stretchy pants!

* dinner is ready, laundry is done


Common Goal Creative specialises in business development and digital marketing strategy for small business. We are working hard to help small business owners mitigate the losses caused by the Covid-19 shutdowns. If you need help, please book a free 15 min call on our website.


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