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The Gist of it.

No contest, the absolute best testimonial is a returning client.

I like to think that people come back to us because we've done good work, but it's probably also fair to say this happens when we've also had a good rapport.

Enter London-based Gist Mobile - one of our favourite clients. We'd worked on their first website leading up to their big company launch in 2019. Earlier this month, we helped them again with a second anniversary iteration, this time fresher, crisper, more confident - just like Gist.

Redos happen a lot a year or two in and it's quite normal. In fact, it's what you want. A website should be dynamic, grow with your business, listen and act on cues collected as you go. The guys at Gist get this and commissioned a make-over. And because we'd worked together before, it was easy for us to just jump in. The result was a landing page to speak predominantly to mobile users - because in the end, where else will you reach app users! Here's a few takes from that delivery.

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