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what's this common goal business anyway?
well, if we work together, we can make things better.

We are fundamentally driven by our charitable aspirations and our desire to impact the world positively.

20% of our time is dedicated to offering free or heavily-discounted marketing services to amazing people, businesses and organisations that make our communities a better place.

Think about it... that's one whole day a week!

COMMON GOAL CREATIVE is a collaborative creative agency offering complete marketing services to small and emerging businesses, civic organisations, artists and individuals wanting to promote themselves for the first time. 

The Common Goal is twofold

1. Our aim is to assist fellow small enterprises in the achievement of their professional goals, remain in business past the difficult first stages, and ultimately thrive. Too often small businesses or individuals with great ideas and skill fail because they don't find their voice in a crowded, noisy market. Communities thrive thanks to healthy
small local businesses and service providers.

2. We offer free or heavily-discounted marketing services to small non-profit organisations and worthy people contributing to our communities. They can be registered charities or just a little coffee shop offering free lunch to the homeless. We support a variety of causes and methods. We want to help people who do good and impact our communities positively.

How to take part


1. Apply to join
If any of this speaks to you and you are a business or creative professional interested in joining our group,
please tell us about yourself here.


2. Donate
We also accept third-party donations to support our efforts with complete transparency. Contributors get to help select recipients.

3. Nominate a recipient
If you are or know a worthy individual, cause or organisation who needs help promoting themselves, please email us for consideration.


Kindness begets kindness. 


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