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Yes, it is.

Damn it! When I hear the word "blog" I invariably imagine a bored lady writing about the art of living your best life from a room that looks like Etsy vomitted in it.

So when I tell clients they have to start blogging, I can relate to the horror happening in their heads. I feel it too and it's just awful! Plus let's be honest - who the hell has time to blog anyway? The thing is, a blog is yet another free tool for small businesses and independent workers to promote their expertise, grow their audience, showcase their product, and improve their position in search results. That's all pretty important stuff and it costs nothing.

So fine, this is a blog. With any new blog, the first step is to decide what it'll be. What's the point here?

For this one, I will write when I can and when I feel inspired to share something. I will not write for the sake of writing and I won't suppose I'm fascinating. I will try to be helpful on a variety of topics related to business and marketing for small business and explain what we do through examples. I may or may not throw in some first hand stories along the way.

Better to have no blog than an inactive blog What happens when you land on a blog with a last poignant entry dated April 2018? You immediately think that business is no longer operating or they're just not really active or even influential. Everything you put out there matters and the minute you do, you help shape your audience's expectations.

Be consistent Decide if you not only want to but can post once a month, a week or a day. If you hate the idea of blogging, don't make your life hell by committing to a daily post. You already have a hard time keeping up with your Instagram and your email keeps piling on.

Also, don't write a novel.

Ok, I wrote a blog post - now what? The most important part: traffic. Take it and run with it. Use it across your social media channels at different times and in different ways to lead people back to your website. The goal here is traffic. The more movement all your profiles have, the better they all rank across the board.

You're basically now influencing Google. LA/ #blog #blogging #businessblog #socialmedia #tuesdaytips #digitalmarketing


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